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LifeStory Episode 21

Updated: May 6

Blog Host, Marcia Rosen.

Also, Author of 12 books, including My Memoir Workbook, has presented numerous Memoir and Mystery Writing Programs for nearly 20 years.

New Release

“My Gangster Father and Me,”

"I LOVED reading your memoir. It's Super"

Jonathan Feinn, Author


May 2024, My Gangster Father and Me! would be an interesting and unique Father’s Day gift.  


This is my story about my relationship with my father and how his profession affected me and my life, “He called me Sugar Plum. Both a blessing and a burden, I learned interesting lessons from my father: about generosity and determination, taking risks, and certainly finding the willingness to live life as an adventure.”


I visited my dad’s gambling hall, where a card room was hidden behind closed doors. But it was in our kitchen at home on many Sunday mornings where I saw my dad and his pals, a cast of interesting characters, counting “the take” from football and baseball and other sports bets. There were those who showed a certain respect, a certain caution of who he was, and therefore, who I was in their world. I love writing mysteries, but I knew it was time to write this mystery… about my father and me.


So, I remember Papa, not like the old heartwarming TV Show, I Remember Mama. My memory has a far different rhythm because he was more like a Walter Mitty character in real life, and because as a gangster he frequently lived outside society’s code of acceptable, approved actions.

None of us are innocent. We all keep secrets about who we are and things we know.

“The issue of my father’s dark side still hangs in the air for me. There are moments I still question, even here and now, “Do we own the shame of our parent’s actions? Do I?”


Marcia is an award-winning author of twelve books, nine of them are mysteries, the most recent is An Agatha, Raymond, Sherlock, and Me Mystery: Murder at the Zoo. She wrote The Woman’s Business Therapist and My Memoir Workbook and has given Memoir Writing presentations and classes for close to twenty years. Her Memoir Blog can be found on her website. For twenty-five years she was owner of a successful national marketing and public relations agency.


She has also helped numerous writers develop and market their books. She is a member of Sisters in Crime, Southwest Writers, New Mexico Book Association, Public Safety Writer’s Association and National Association of Independent Writers and Editors—for which she is a board member.mily members and friends.  

Books can be purchased on, and & Treasure Hose Books.

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