OCTOBER 19, 2021

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From staying on track to not giving up or giving in, from not listening to negative voices, including your own, the purpose of this presentation is to encourage you to stay determined, confident, courageous, hopeful, inspired, and motivated with respect to your writing. We’ll talk some of what can inhibit and interfere with writing goals and how to move past them.

There are times it’s possible to be discouraged and unsure and wondering why you’re even bothering. But your soul cannot and does not really want to give up. So, write on, tell the negative voice in your head and from others to go away! Each writer needs the promise of possibility and hopefulness that their dreams and ambitions can be fulfilled.

In this presentation we’ll cover:

  • Having your voice heard during this pandemic!

  • Knowing you have the right to be a writer

  • Perseverance

  • Trusting your own voice

  • Dealing with and ignoring negative voices

  • Planning, preparing, pushing forward

  • Motivation and staying motivated

  • Setting a writing schedule or routine

  • Setting deadlines for yourself

  • Avoiding distractions and distracting people

  • Being comfortable with the plans for your work and your ideas on issues such as dialogue, character development, point of view, tone, and your storyline.


Women Writing the West

Coming October 2021