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My Memoir Workbook

Winner,  N.M. / ARIZONA BOOK AWARDS 2012

Each of us has a history and our own unique story. From time to time, photographic slides of the past, of both good and bad times, show in our mind. Memories continually dance around in our heads. This Personal Memoir Workbook was developed to help you capture those moments. Work at your own pace and in your own words. This workbook will also provide you with the inspiration, motivation and encouragement to write your LifeStory.

"The Woman's Business Therapist" was written to help women with the issues that can be Roadblocks or MindBlocks to their success. Women do have the right to fulfill their dreams and ambitions and survive and thrive as business and professional women. This book delves into the heart of the business obstacles many women encounter and offers practical solutions to move beyond those obstacles.

Reviews and Praise

"Marcia Rosen is a miracle worker who could coax a memoir out of anyone. Inspiring and creative, she shows us how to shape our ideas and memories into a manuscript. With insight and humor, this book moves us all a few steps closer to our dream. And anyone who knows Marcia will recognize her warm and wise voice on every page."

-Pesi Dinnerstein, Author "A Cluttered Life: Searching for G­-d, Serenity and Missing Keys" 

"In writing my memoir, “Life Savors,” Marcia was invaluable in helping me. Marcia, your clarity of vision in terms of a “through-line” was immensely helpful, and your suggestions. “Buffy – maybe more dialogue” and “keep the focus” – were important to my efforts. You gave me a sense of purpose when I was discouraged and a sense of pride in what I was trying to do. As a memoirist “consultant,” you are the best!"

-Elizabeth (Buffy) Cooke, Author, “Life Savors”, “Eye of the Beholder”;

“Shadow Romance”; “There’s A Small Hotel”

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