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A clever and gripping new cozy mystery filled with exciting twists and turns, bizarre murders and fascinating characters including several dead authors: “Agatha, Raymond, Sherlock, and Me Mystery: Murder At The Zoo” will be published by Artemesia Publishing in early 2023. (

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"Exquisitely prepared food and Organized Crime ventures have long gone hand in hand and Marcia Rosen knows a lot about both of them. Her latest, The Gourmet Gangster, (Recipes by her son Jory Rosen) is another delectable entry to her fabulous menu of excellently written books. Be sure to savor this one like a fine dessert." 

 — Michael A. Black, winner of the Best Original Novel Scribe Award and author of Blood Trails, Legends of the West, and the Executioner series (Dying Art and Stealth Assassins) as Don Pendleton


"The mysteries are malicious. The recipes are delicious."

 — John Klopfenstein, Criminal Defense Attorney, Carmel/Salinas, California

"Never a dull moment in this entertaining and intriguing collection of underworld stories featuring a mob boss with plenty of axes to grind. Fascinating tales told by a talented author. As an added bonus: delicious recipes for the gourmet mobster in all of us." 

 — Lida Sideris, author of the Southern California Mystery series

"The recipes and wine pairings are to die for." 

 — John M., Sommelier and Bar Manager


“Unique, Clever, Wonderfully Written and Tempting Recipes…A must read for all mystery book fans.”

 — Inquiring Minds Books and Café, A top 100 Bookstore in U.S.


"Darn good mystery stories…darn good recipes…extremely enjoyable!"

 — ARTBAR Gallery and Café


“Begin reading The Gourmet Gangster and you are guaranteed a page-turner.  With clever wit, Marcia and her son Jory Rosen give us the mercurial, oft gritty story of lives revolving around a 5-star, mob-run restaurant in mid-town Manhattan.  A menu of gourmet recipes offers a superb bonus to their entertaining narrative.”

— R. Scott Decker, author, Recounting the Anthrax Attacks: Terror, the Amerithrax Task Force, and the Evolution of Forensics in the FBI

"I just finished reading “Dead in Bed” and thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the combination of serious crime with humor and zany characters. Although the Martin sisters were suspicious from the beginning, their connection to the Mob came as a surprise and increased the tension of the plot with its many twists and turns. I look forward to reading "Dead in Seat 4-A.” The “Dead in Bed” title was a great idea. I was reading your book in the dentist’s waiting room and a woman came over and commented on the title. I told her about the story, so—who knows—she might buy the book or the kindle version."

 — Judy Lechner, Author: Death Plays a Solo, A Jazz Mystery

"This series is the senior version of Nick and Nora Charles, with a humorous touch, a splash of noir, cracker-jack sleuthing, unusual, captivating characters, and fascinating mysteries."

 — Marilyn Meredith, Author of the Deputy Tempe Crabtree Mysteries


 “The Senior Sleuths” Mysteries are unique! They take a different look at the crime of murder and especially, at the elderly sleuths - not that Dick and Dora Zimmerman are old.  They are mature, well-funded adults, not typical of the traditional Private I, or police detective. That is what makes their machinations so intriguing. “The Senior Sleuths” Mysteries present a distinctly original approach. For those who love ‘murder and mayhem,’ A Must Read.”

 — Elizabeth Cooke, Author of 14 books including Paris Hotel Series, Rose Trilogy and Abbi’s Forever Home 


"Dick and Dora Zimmerman and their motley crew of friends and business associates will keep you smiling and guessing "whodunnit" until you turn the last page."  

 — Terry Lucas, Library Director and Former Bookstore Owner 


"Reading Dead in Bed, the first twisty and fast-paced book in Rosen's new mystery series,The Senior Sleuths, I found myself laughing and biting my nails at the same time. Sure, her characters Dick and Dora Zimmerman are no spring chickens, but they're every bit as feisty and resourceful as her younger detectives in her Dying to be Beautiful series.  The mayhem begins when the "Zimms," along with their cohorts--- Zero the bookie, Bertie the flirt and a host of others-- find a stranger with a knife plunged in his chest in apartment 506 of their upscale Manhattan condo complex. They're determined to solve this murder mystery as well as other mindboggling crimes they run into along the way. What a ride!"

 — Claudia Riess, Author of Semblance of Guilt and Love and Other Hazards

"I finished your book in Florida. I loved it!"

 — Karen

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