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Keeping Motivated, Inspired and Encouraged

If you are feeling paralyzed or experiencing anxiety about writing, it may be time to slow down or take a step back. Or, maybe it’s time to work with some of the writing prompts on this page to help you get the words flowing again.

Writing exercises and prompts can also help you to enhance your writing skills and allow you to escape for a time from thinking about your memoir. These exercises allow you to view situations and people from different perspectives and even to expand your memoir. These exercises and prompts will give you new ideas, so have some fun with them. Respond to any or all of them and don’t be concerned about how what you write fits into your book.

Writing Exercises and Prompts

• Pick three people you know and write a brief paragraph about each of them. • Select five of your favorite words and write a paragraph with each word in it. • What is your favorite TV show? Write an idea for an episode it.• Write about someone who was in your life when you were a teenager or someone you love who lives far away.

• Write a letter to your favorite author and tell them how much you admire their work.

• Write a letter to anyone you wish you had shared your feelings with.• Write about something you might be grieving about. Write about how you see the world today. • Write something funny and keep at it for 15 minutes.

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