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"After a career as an entrepreneur and writer of nonfiction books, Marcia G. Rosen took on the pen name

M. Glenda Rosen to begin a career as a mystery author. The program delves into her experience of growing up with a father who was a gangster and the history of Jewish organized crime in America. Growing up with a father involved in organized crime inspired Rosen's fascination with crime and love for all things mysterious. Rosen's interest in crime was the catalyst for her creation of the book series The Senior Sleuths,

which features a criminal character modeled on her own father."

-Walter Ryce, Monterey County Weekly





Marcia G. Rosen






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“The Senior Sleuths Mystery Series”

M. Glenda Rosen

 Murder and Mayhem in a Modern Noir Style

“My Father Was a Gangster. Really.”

Level Best Books, has provided a three-book deal for “The Senior Sleuths,” Book One: Dead In Bed by mystery writer, M. Glenda Rosen (aka Marcia Rosen)was published on February 6. Book Two: Dead in Seat 4-A is expected to be released in February, 2019; Book Three (to be determined).


Like Nick and Nora Charles from “The Thin Man” series, Dick and Dora Zimmerman solve crimes, especially murders.” Along with Zero the Bookie (fashioned after the authors father) and a fascinating cast of other characters (such as Frankie Socks fresh out of the Witness Protection Program) the Zimmerman’s have the time-the money, the smarts and the chutzpah-to get involved in murder and mayhem, even when warned by the police to stay away…or else.


In these modern noir stories, the hard-boiled detectives are soft-boiled sleuths whose inner shell is softer and gentler, although their outer shell is still tough and determined. Of course, they can still be nearly beaten by the bad guys. But it is the puzzle of the mystery and putting the pieces together to solve it that matters.

“No doubt, thanks to my father, writing mysteries is in my DNA!  My father was a small time gangster. Really! So, it wouldn’t take a genius, a psychiatrist or a palm reader to figure out the geneses of my fascination with crime and criminals.  In my series, “The Senior Sleuths,” Zero the Bookie is a version of my dad and several other characters are based on his associates who I met, like Doc, The Gimp, Johnny the Jig, Fat Lawyer and others. What a wealth of material there was for me to claim! Believe me, I saw and heard a lot.”


"This series is the senior version of Nick and Nora Charles, with a humorous touch, a splash of noir,

cracker-jack sleuthing, unusual, captivating characters, and fascinating mysteries."                                                   

Marilyn Meredith               

Author of the “Deputy Tempe Crabtree Mysteries               



“Reading Dead in Bed, the first twisty and fast-paced book in Rosen's new mystery series, The Senior Sleuths, I found myself laughing and biting my nails at the same time. Sure, her characters

Dick and Dora Zimmerman are no spring chickens, but they're every bit as feisty and resourceful

as her younger detectives in her Dying to be Beautiful series. What a ride!” 

Claudia Riess               

Author, “Love and Other Hazards               


Talks can include “Writing Mysteries…Is It A Mystery?”  “Now What? Book Marketing,” and About my Father and Me and Writing Mysteries.




More About the Author

Marcia Rosen has also previously published four books in her mystery series, “Dying to Be Beautiful.”  Rosen is also author of “The Woman’s Business Therapist” and award winning “My Memoir Workbook. For a dozen years she has given writing workshops on "Encouraging and Supporting the Writer Within You!" and "Now What? Marketing Your Book.”  She was founder and owner of a successful Marketing and Public Relations Agency for many years, a frequent guest speaker, created several radio and TV talk shows and received numerous awards for her work with business and professional women. Marcia is now the founder and host of "MysteryLoversPodcast.com", a member of The Mob Museum and presents frequent talks on "The Gangster's Daughter," She currently resides in Carmel, California.  

Marcia G. Rosen, member:

 Sisters In Crime, Los Angeles, San Francisco and National

Woman’s National Book Association, Co-Chair

Public Safety Writers Association

Central Coast Writers

Greater Los Angeles Writers Society

PULSE, New York

The Mob Museum, Las Vegas, NV


Conferences to date:
Women’s National Book Association

Malice Domestic

Public Safety Writer’s Association

Great Valley Bookfest


www.theseniorsleuths.com; www.levelbestbooks.com


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